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Nilfisk Commercial Vacuum SDV4500

Nilfisk Commercial Vacuum SDV4500

Model: SDV4500 Stainless steel frame and cabinet. Continous fill boiler. Steam control switch. Automatic safety shut off. Clear pressure display. Locking front castors. Simple operator controls. Wet pick up recovery. Detergent delivery. read more
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Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer SC250

Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer SC250

Model: SC250 Easy handling: Tank-in-tank design for carrying in one hand provide an easy emptying and refilling Effective: Sweeping, scrubbing and drying at the same time. High cleaning performance: 34 cm cylindrical brush or microfiber roll Productive: The 6 liter solution and recovery tank gives up to 40 minutes of working time without refill Powerful: Nilfisk 36V Lithium battery technology Easy to use: The ergonomic handle can be adjusted into different positions, used free floating or folded for storage Intuitive and self-explaining: Informative display on the handle. Full control: OneTouch™ button is activating all essential functions and touch sensors in the handle provide an easy operation Non-stop cleaning: The two water/solution settings can be changed on-the-fly Safe: Out of Water alarm protecting the machine Convenient: Easy to carry and move due to its compact design and low weight Low TCO: Long lifetime with ¡®No tool¡¯  inspection, service and  maintenance read more
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Tuba Universal

Product Profile - Powerful and versatile TUBA universal leaves no sticky residues and delays re-soiling of the textile surface. - TUBA universal contains no optical brightener or bleach. - TUBA universal is suitable for all shampooing machines and spray extraction devices. - Its active ingredients dissolves fat, dirt, grease and even stubborn sticking soiling. - TUBA universal is material ¨Cfriendly product which helps to prolong surface¡¯s durability and achieves perfect results.
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Tanex Cement-Ex
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Eco-Brite Granite [White] Polishing Powder
Eco-Brite Tile [Black] Polishing Powder
Eco-Brite [White] Honing Powder
Eco-Brite HP200 [Black] Honing Powder
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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum VHW310

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum VHW310

Model: VHW310 Extra small footprint Continuous duty (24/7) Stainless steel version Absolute filtration version Container easy to remove and empty Easy to upgrade read more
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Nilfisk Ride-On Sweeper SW8000

Nilfisk Ride-On Sweeper SW8000

Model: SW8000 The unique DustGuard™ feature with misting nozzles sprays a fine fog of moisture to the front and side brooms, effectively controlling airborne dust for a cleaner environment. The main broom 1.3 meter sweeping path is the widest in the industry, providing you better performance and faster cleaning. With side brooms the total cleaning width of SW8000 is 2 meters. The strong polyethylene covers offer a high driving protection and even absorbing bumps. At the same time, they are fully recyclable in line with Nilfisk¡¯s environmental awareness policy. read more
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Nilfisk SW8000 Sales and Demo

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