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Viper Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer AS4325B
Viper Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer AS4335C
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Viper Ride-On Sweepers ROS1300

Viper Ride-On Sweepers ROS1300

Model:ROS1300 Sweeping large areas is tough. But the Viper ROS1300 is a ride-on sweeper that¡¯s designed to keep you productive from start to finish. Cover the ground you need to with long battery runtime and see great cleaning results from optimal dust and debris collection. Operation could not be simpler,and maintenance is a breeze.   As you¡¯re sweeping several standout functions contribute to your productivity. Dust isn¡¯t a problem – simply switch on the dust-control misting system to assist the two side brooms. A convenient foot- operated front flap enables collection of larger debris, and powerful rear-wheel drive keeps you sweeping up slopes – great for cleaning ramps and inclines within your facility. Furthermore, smart,tool-free maintenance means your operator won¡¯t be burdened by time consuming routine tasks. Built for all round safety, the ROS1300 maintains productivity while ensuring a safer working environment for everyone.   ·Maintain high productivity. ·More sweeping, less dumping. ·Optimized for operators comfort. ·Safety-centric design. read more
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Nilfisk Ride-On Sweepers SR 1601

SR1601 is claimed to be the most technically advanced sweeper in its category, with innovations that increase cleaning productivity whilst simplifying operating and servicing requirements. Designed for industrial applications such as heavily soiled factories, construction sites, parking etc.
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Nilfisk Ride-On Sweepers SW 4000

SW4000 is a ride-on sweeper with high dump designed for maximum performance, reliability, minimizing downtime and your operational costs. It is the obvious choice for industry and manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, school yards, shopping malls, parking lots, sport centers, recycling facilities, multi-storey car parks and more. It is equally suitable for outdoors as indoors cleaning depending on selected power source, battery or petrol (only outdoors).
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Nilfisk Ride-On Sweepers SW 4000

Nilfisk Ride-On Sweepers SW 4000

Model:SW 4000 One Touch Sweeping makes it easy to operate SW4000 since all functions – main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan and the optional DustGuard are activated and terminated simultaneously SW4000 is also gentle to the environment with minimized energy consumption, recyclable materials, dust control and low noise level The retractable, spring loaded side brooms, spring away on impacts, which means that they do not break or damage the inventory they touch The optional DustGuard™ misting system adds to the dust free sweeping improving the environment for operator as well as the surroundings The high hydraulic dump ensures safe handling and fast dumping increasing the high productivity level and reliability of SW4000 All systems are controlled by the motion pedal, it saves power and broom wear and since all moving parts are run by electric motors they only consume energy when running The comfortable operator compartment is easy to access, has adjustable seat and the retractable hopper can be closed from the compartment read more
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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Eco-Oil 22

Regular use of the Oil industrial vacuums not only performs maintenance of the machine tools but also means great economic savings. Faster cleaning of the CNC machines, reuse of the emulsions or coolants avoiding any waste. The functioning is easy: the solid chips are collected into a basket while liquids are collected into the main container and then re-introduced into the machine tool thanks to the dedicated gun.
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Viper Carpet Extractor Wolf 130

Built to deliver cleaner carpets with minimal effort, the VIPER WOLF130 is a portable carpet spotter that provides impressive performance in environments requiring daily cleaning. Its simple controls, convenient features, and durable design make it ideal for quick, easy indoor operation ¨C without compromising on cleaning capability or results. Whether you¡¯re cleaning within educational institutions, office spaces, medical facilities, or other commercial applications, the WOLF130 offers market-leading value.
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